ECO Night Light

ECO Night Light

ECO NIGHT LIGHT - Suitable for childrens bedroom, stairways etc.

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The EcoSavers® Nightlight utilises new EL(Electroluminescent)  light technology which guarantees a soft and friendly light with only 0.18W  power consumption.

That’s a staggering 500 times less energy than a conventional light bulb.

This nightlight provides a gentle , friendly pale green light. Ideal for passageways, staircases, landings and children’s bedrooms.

Simply plug the nightlight into a mains socket and experience the gentle light of the EL-technology.

The automatic light sensor will switch on the nightlight when it is getting dark and switch off automatically at daylight.

Enjoy the gentle light of the EcoSavers® Nightlight at only a fraction of the cost of running a conventional light.

Help save the planet and your pocket.


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